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What Makes ShareRight Different?

Setting the Standard for Transparency in Healthcare

Ever felt overwhelmed by the twists and turns of your healthcare experience?



If you're here, you're seeking a different path, the RIGHT one.

At ShareRight, our healthcare approach isn't just superior to insurance—it's more effective and efficient than many other healthcare sharing organizations.


Because ShareRight operates on an unparalleled platform, offering an unmatched level of transparency in the sharing process.



Transparent Sharing Services

At its essence, ShareRight facilitates peer-to-peer sharing through advanced algorithms that precisely match, allocate, and transfer funds between members, distinguishing it clearly from insurance and its conventional workings.

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> Bill Notification and Publishing

ShareRight generates and disseminates notifications (called publishing) prior to fund transfers, ensuring both the member with a need and the member(s) sharing in the need have maximum visibility.

> Decentralized Reserves

ShareRight supports the member community in establishing and maintaining distributed medical reserves across member accounts. This keeps the community prepared to care for one another.


The Member Community


Members have the ability to create private posts for inquiries and service requests, as well as public posts to engage with other members.

Member Sharing

Members have complete autonomy over their Share Account and all peer-to-peer sharing.


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ShareRight: Saving the RIGHT way.

Save With Innovation & Knowledge

Fueled by its Partner Services, ShareRight utilizes a range of Cost Containment Services designed to secure lower costs, increase Provider acceptance, and deliver an exceptional Member Experience.

This innovative approach is known as Reference Based Repricing.

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Decision Time.

How do I decide if ShareRight is right for me?

Choosing your health care is a big decision. It is important to consider multiple options, but we think you will find ShareRight wins! Use this Decision Guide to help you navigate through your decision.

Decision Guide