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Healthcare Sharing for Your Small Business, School, or Organization.

ShareRight for Groups simplifies healthcare for employers and their employees by offering a convenient group billing solution, ensuring everyone can access the benefits of ShareRight seamlessly.

We understand the difficulties that small organizations and business owners encounter when trying to offer affordable healthcare options to their employees. ShareRight, a program of Impact Health Sharing, is committed to providing support and ensuring access to top-quality healthcare.


*Designed specifically for Groups with 49 Members or Fewer.

How it works:

·      Monthly Group Bill
·      Group Dashboard & Management
·      Personalized Enrollment
·      Spouses and Families Are Encouraged to Join 

Don't let healthcare expenses eat into your profits any longer! Unlock the savings potential with ShareRight today. Reach out to us to explore how your business can start reaping the benefits.




Save an average of 30-50% with no minimum participation required and no contracts necessary.


Customize your monthly ACH withdrawals on a specific date and receive detailed monthly statements that break down charges for each employee.


Ongoing assistance and care post-enrollment provided by our dedicated member services and team of support professionals.

How to Get Started

Navigating group enrollments involves a more detailed process compared to individual memberships. Let this section serve as your guiding compass to lead your team through the steps and kickstart the journey together.

1. Explore
Ready to begin? Click the button below and enter your details to unlock our online Group Quote Tool. Discover a range of pricing options tailored to your needs, including variations for different employee counts, family members, and annual Primary Responsibility Amounts (PRAs).
  • Different numbers of employees
  • With and without employee family members
  • And with different annual Primary Responsibility Amounts (PRAs).   


2. Quote Access

After receiving an email from us, you'll find a link to our Group Quote Tool, a crucial step in tailoring a personalized quote just for you. Set up a secure PIN and follow the simple instructions on the page to get a quote that meets all your needs.

Remember to save this link for easy access to your quote in the future.


3. Gather Employee Data

When compiling employee information, please provide details on the participants, number of household members, and the birthdate of the oldest member in each household.

As the sponsor of the group, please start thinking about how you plan to contribute. Are you willing to cover a portion of the group's monthly expenses or the full amount?

4. Discovery

Once you've received your quote, book a call with our team to explore your options. We'll go over qualifications and billing details, empowering you to make a well-informed choice. Our team is dedicated to assisting you and addressing any inquiries you may have.

5. Getting Started

Verify the accuracy of the participants' names, the number of individuals in each household, and the birthdate of the oldest member in each household.

Once your final list of applicants is prepared, simply submit it through your secure link.

6. Membership On-boarding

A ShareRight representative will meet with the staff to introduce their latest healthcare solution and provide a comprehensive overview.

Throughout this stage, ShareRight will collaborate closely with the group administrator to establish the company's sponsor center and guide them through the application procedure.


Or, give us a call.

Managing healthcare for a group isn't easy. Let us lend a hand.

We want to make sure your business and employees have timely access to healthcare. To help us provide you with the best service, please generate a ShareRight group quote at least 5 business days before the start of the new month. If you miss the deadline, don't worry - we'll work with you to enroll you in the following month. 

We're here to help!

*Exclusively for Groups of 49 or Fewer Members.