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Why Shareright?

You Deserve Healthcare Done RIGHT!

While similar in some aspects to conventional health plans, ShareRight distinguishes itself in ways that truly make a difference!

Why ShareRight?

It's Affordable.

Join ShareRight now and start saving big! Our plans start at just $77 for individuals and $399 for families. Choose from our four pricing options tailored for both individuals and families, with special discounted rates for seniors.

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Why ShareRight?

It's All-Encompassing.

From preventative measures to mental health services, prescriptions, and telemedicine, ShareRight ensures you have access to a full spectrum of healthcare services.

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Why ShareRight?

It's Freedom.

Experience unmatched flexibility with ShareRight when selecting your healthcare providers. Whether you prefer your long-time physician or any provider across the country, the decision is entirely up to you.

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Why ShareRight?

It's Inclusive.

ShareRight welcomes individuals looking to share and save on their healthcare costs, placing the power, freedom, and control of healthcare back in your hands.

Plus, ShareRight allows for year-round enrollment without the restrictions typically associated with open enrollment periods for healthcare sharing.

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Is ShareRight insurance?

ShareRight is a program of Impact Health Sharing. Impact is a healthcare sharing program where members share their financial resources to pay each other’s medical expenses. Impact isn't insurance.


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