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Pre-existing conditions

Will a pre-existing condition affect my membership?

Take our brief quiz to discover more about your existing health conditions and how they impact your membership.
Please answer all of the following questons:
1. In the past 36 months have you been diagnosed with a new condition?
2. In the past 36 months have you been prescribed or taken any medication for a condition or aliment?
3. In the past 36 months have you had any abnormal symptoms (ex: blood in the stool, dizziness, fainting, unexplained weight loss)?
4. In the past 36 months have you received treatment for any condition, ailment, or symptom (ex: chiropractic adjustments, nebulizer treatments, physical therapy, diabetes or endocrinology related)?
5. In the past 36 months have you been told that you have an abnormality on diagnostic imaging (ex: reduced heart function, congenital heart abnormalities, arthritic joints)?
6. In the past 36 months have you had any testing conducted for a specific diagnosis or symptom (ex: stress testing, echocardiogram, CT scan)?

Please be aware that this quiz is provided for informational purposes only. The outcomes should not be regarded as conclusive or definitive. An extensive examination of your medical records is necessary to formally ascertain any pre-existing conditions.

Please note that pre-existing medical condition restrictions do not apply to members aged 65 years and older.

Having pre-existing conditions does not hinder your ability to join ShareRight. It implies that sharing will not be applicable for that specific condition, but will remain available for new conditions. Additionally, with ShareRight, you can always benefit from savings for all conditions through our re-pricing feature. To gain a comprehensive understanding of this process, we encourage you to speak with an enrollment specialist.

ShareRight defines pre-existing conditions as instances where there have been known signs, symptoms, testing, diagnosis, treatment, or medication usage within the 36 months preceding membership (based on medical records).

*A known sign denotes any abnormality indicative of disease identified during an examination or diagnostic testing before joining membership.

**A symptom signifies any subjective evidence of disease experienced by the individual. In contrast, a sign represents an objective finding observable by a healthcare professional.