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Healthcare the RIGHT Way.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

ShareRight offers a pioneering approach to healthcare, providing a contemporary and cost-effective alternative to insurance.
While similar in some aspects to conventional health insurance, ShareRight distinguishes itself in ways that truly make a difference!
Healthcare the RIGHT way.


Discover a new approach to managing your healthcare costs with ShareRight. Join our compassionate community where members support each other by sharing medical expenses. ShareRight welcomes individuals who value collaboration, responsibility, and savings in healthcare.

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An Affordable Alternative To the High Cost of Health Insurance

ShareRight gives you the reins to take control of your healthcare spending, empowering you with the freedom to save money for your family. Discover how you can become part of our community today!

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See How Much You Can Save

Most members save 30-50% over health insurance. Pricing starts as low as $77 for individuals and $399 for families. 

A Healthcare Solution with YOU in mind.

Access to the care you need, when you need it, the RIGHT way.
Comprehensive Access Sharing includes everything from keeping you healthy to helping you heal, whether it's for preventative care, maternity needs, accidents, illnesses, or injuries.  
Telemedicine Connect with a qualified doctor from the convenience of your own home around the clock, with a $0 provider fee.  
Low Prescription Pricing

Get ready to save big on your everyday prescriptions. ShareRight has access to wholesale prescription pricing at your neighborhood pharmacy.  

 Sharing Savings

Families Are Saving Thousands Yearly, Quarterly - Monthly!

"With five kids, we were paying $2,000 a month! We are now paying a little over $500 for our family!"

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ShareRight: Rebuilding Healthcare Integrity

Navigating healthcare today can be complex. That's why at ShareRight, a program of Impact Health Sharing, we're dedicated to doing healthcare the RIGHT way and making it better. Empowering you with information and tools, we're committed to restoring integrity to healthcare.